Dulu 140kg Kini Berat Tinggal 88.7kg, Lelaki Ini Kongsi Tips Penting Turunkan Berat Badan

From 140 to 88.7, still 13 kgs more to reach my goal of 75kg but im happy so far with the progress. Aint an easy journey but definitely worth it. The first 30kg was easy peasy but the last 13kg now is the hardest to get rid of

Anyways, for guys out there who’s struggling with loosing weight, dont ever give up! You may feel its hard at first, but once you start seeing progress you’ll never look back. We’re one the same ship!

Never forget, the one who advised me alot in dieting/working out. He always has an answer for every curiosity i had, If only you’re here to see what I achieve now, you’re in a better place now abang Dan, Al fatihah, i love you and miss you everyday

Aight since ramai tanya what’s my diet and workout tips im gonna share it to y’all here. So first thing i did is kira how many calories i need to consume in a day, how? Just gk to google and type in calorie calculator. This is the web i used

So after dah put in all the information dia akan bagi how many calories you need to consume to loose weight/ build muscle a day. So once dah tahu how much, make sure jadikan that number as your baseline, in a day you can consume less than that but never go pass that number.

So how do u track calories in ur food? So there’s an app for that, for me personally i use this app, myfitnesspal, so basically you boleh set how many calories you nak makan dalam sehari

then everytime you consume anything just key in the type of food and serving lepastu dia automatically letak how many carbs, protein, fat. Dia tak 100% accurate but still better than nothing

So one thing u need to know about the human body is, its good at adapting with things, so at first maybe you guys akan rasa susah untuk consume lesser calories a day, but makin lama ur body akan get used to it, once you feel that make sure to always keep track of your weight

If you rasa like ur body is already adapting to the amount of food ur eating and ur weight maintain je tak turun dah, just lower down the calories, same goes with workouts, kalau before this sehari jog 20 mins but after 2 months berat dah tak turun, just step up the game and increase the intensity of ur workouts, always challenge ur body in making it feel like its putting work to burn the fats, but dont go overboard because always remember that ur not doing it in a week time but ur basically changing ur lifestyle so do it at a steady pase

Consistency is the key guys. Another things orang selalu buat silap is kata jangan makan nasi. No, nasi is actually good for you, yang buat nasi menggemukkan is not sebab nasi tu, but sebab lauk apa yang kita letak atas nasi tu, 1 cup of white rice baru 206 calories

Diet is not about starving yourself, but its about what you put into your body, if you ask me, tbh the honest answer is dont skip carbs protein fats, sebab tiga tiga tu penting for our body, just yang penting kene tahu how much of each do u need to have a day.

Eat clean, get rid of sugary drinks, fast food, maggi semua. The best is cook your own food, elakkan anything deep fried, use olive or coconut oil bila masa, the best is beli spray and just spray minyak atas pan bila nak masak,

what the spray does is it lets you to use a small amount of oil but it spreads the oil evenly so takde excess oil

Always portion out ur meals everytime you eat, how much carbs protein and fat, and always banyak kan sayur, because sayur gives you the feeling of a full stomach with less calories

Another thing i did was intermittent fasting, so intermittent fasting ni is you puasa 16 jam dan makan dalam 8 jam je, dont worry bunyi macam lama but most of the fasting time is during ur sleep, so benda ni flexible, contoh u start makan at 12 you stop makan at 8

But let say satu hari tu kawan ajak lepak malam so nak kene makan dalam pukul 9 macamtu, simple je so you boleh tukar instead of start makan pukul 12 you start makan pukul 2, so you boleh stop makan before pukul 10, dia tak kisah you start pukul berapa but asalakan you puasa 16h

So kenapa intermittent fasting ni bagus? Forst dia flexible, so boleh ikut kita punya timing. Second is bila you ada 8 jam je gap untuk nak makan, secara automatic you takkan makan banyak, so bila 8 jam gap makan tu you boleh makan bigger portions

Sebab ck toh you start first meal pukul 12 and you makan big portion, so ur body akan kenyang untuk 3 jam contohnya then you makan lagi pukul 4 macamtu and sedar tak sedar you kene makan lagi after 3 hours sebab kene stop before pukul 8.

so secara automatic you akan rasa macam you kenyang sebab makan banyak but actually bila kira kira you makan 3 meals je and if the 3 meals tu big protion but clean food, its really easy to get below 2000 calories and also kenyang

So lastly pasal working out, tbh takde workouts yang specific to loose weight, so anything yang naikkan u punya heartbeat benda tu akan bakar lemak, so my advice is do something you like. If you suka main futsal ke, cycling or swimming ke its up to you, as long as you exercise

But for me it just happens to be that i like to go to the gym and lift weights, but ni semua minat masing masing, do what u like supaya you tak bosan and you can do it consistently for a long period of time.

So to conclude

1.know how much calories u need
2.track everything you eat
3.eat clean food, no sugary drinks
4.do any activity/exercise you enjoy as long as it increases ur heartbeat you will loose fat
5. Try intermittent fasting

So just have a mindset that kita nak tukar lifestyle and bukan buat benda ni sementara, once u have that mindset you should be good to go, because its not gonna be an easy or fast journey, but if your consistent and have discipline ur gonna se results in no time, goodluck!

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